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The project "Against the background of Pushkin and the bird flies out: Integration of literary culture and technological skills of presenting creative works of literary-oriented adolescents on the Internet" became the winner of the first competition of grants of the President of the Russian Federation in 2021


nb_2021-036The old bookkeeper presents three collections of poetry "Chotyadam", "Robot Cyberbon" and "The Sun on a Bicycle" by the wonderful childrens poet Vladimir Danko

The article is published on the 85th anniversary of the birth



2021 has been declared the Year of Science and Technology by the President of the Russian Federation. We bring to your attention the first thematic publication - a virtual baby-exhibition in physics "The World of Soap Bubbles and Sun Bunnies", which presents books for joint reading of parents and children



Dear friends! We present you a new video project of the department of aesthetic development "Beautiful stories". The project includes two cycles: "Picturesque Stories" and "Musical Stories", which are based on artistic reading and are supplemented by a demonstration of bright voiced presentations




2021 marks the 800th anniversary of the birth of St. Alexander Nevsky The Department of Local History and Bibliography presents a video essay "Hero. Diplomat. Ruler" dedicated to the winner of the national television project "Name of Russia".
The essay traces the life path of a person who personifies the fate of the country ...




We invite you to the Winter Security School!

The third lesson is devoted to the topic "Rules of safe behavior for children during the winter holidays"



Annually on January 11, Russia celebrates the Day of Reserves and National Parks. It has been celebrated since 1997 at the initiative of the Wildlife Conservation Center, the World Wildlife Fund in honor of the first Russian reserve, Barguzinsky ...

Interactive poster "Barguzinsky Reserve": history, chronology, personalities, flora, fauna, climate, 3 photo albums, documentaries

Interactive poster "Nature of the Novosibirsk Region": climate, rivers and lakes, plants and animals from the Red Book, flora, fauna, 3D-tour "Museum of Nature", popular essays, articles, presentation


In the section "Stories about Books - Domestic Literature" the old bookkeepers V.N. Raspopin acquaints his young and adult friends with two more books by Nina Dashevskaya about music and musicians - "The Violin of an Unknown Master" and "Vivaldi. Seasons"


The specialists of our library never get tired of telling our readers about books. And sometimes it doesnt even matter if this is the latest edition, or an old tome. After all, everything is interesting to an inquiring mind!
We offer to plunge into the distant times, when there were few books, and not everyone knew the letter. Books in Ancient Russia were created as a work of art, were carefully kept and brought to us the cultural traditions of that time...
Old Russian book: a manuscript cultural monument


In the project "Journalistic Investigation: Time Travel", organized by the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky, more than 100 children aged 9 to 13 took part




We invite to a festive video exhibition of books for children of preschool and primary school age: beautiful book illustrations, loud reading of excerpts from books, educational videos and vivid musical fragments ...





Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky received a gift from the Regional Charitable Public Foundation "Illustrated Books for Little Blind Children" and the Russian Cultural Foundation, sets of books for working with children with special educational needs under the "Accessible Environment" program

Read more



The staff of the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library congratulates Anatoly Shalin, a science fiction writer, essayist, chairman of the board of the Novosibirsk City Public Writing Organization "Union of Russian Writers"



On December 27, 1832, Pavel Tretyakov was born: thanks to his support, venerable and novice artists worked, he collected one of the largest collections of Russian painting and a whole gallery of lifetime portraits of prominent contemporaries ...

Read on our website "The Russian art school will not be the last"



We continue to acquaint our readers with Novosibirsk writers. Tatyana Valentinovna Saprykina is an author known in Novosibirsk, Siberia, and, perhaps, in all regions of Russia. Her works - fairy tales, fantastic stories, short stories - are addressed to a wide range of readers of different ages. You can find out about the work and personality of the writer in the section "Novosibirsk Writers and Artists"




Exciting adventures, magic, journeys into the past and the future ... The history of opera and the secrets hidden behind the scenes of the theater - all this in the new books of the department of aesthetic development



In the pedagogical department of the library, work continues on the project "Choosing the future together"
What is the most useful and informative modern literature on professions for adolescents?
These and many other questions will be answered by the staff of the pedagogical department of the library



In the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky opened an exhibition of a valuable and rare book "In the beginning was the Word", dedicated to the 510th anniversary of the birth of the first Russian book printer Ivan Fedorov




The year of Memory and Glory, the year of the 75th anniversary of the victory of our people in the Great Patriotic War, is coming to an end.
We bring to your attention a concert in which students of the Childrens Art School № 30 congratulate all residents on the awarding of our city with the high title "City of Labor Valor"



nb_20-2-0369-201The old bookkeeper introduces his young and adult friends to a wonderful book of short stories by the best modern childrens writers "The Turn" from the series "Volchkas Tales". The collection contains philosophical, psychological, adventure and all as a selection of exciting short stories by Ksenia Dragunskaya and Eduard Verkin, Nina Dashevskaya and Nikolai Nazarkin, Daria Vilke, Artem Lyakhovich and Stanislav Vostokov.
Read the section "Stories about Books - Russian literature"


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