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The staff of the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library congratulates Yevgeny Martyshev, a famous Siberian poet and storyteller, on his birthday






The results of the 1st stage of the international creative competition "My idea of the Winter Olympics"
Over a hundred literary works from different cities and towns of our country, as well as from foreign countries, were submitted to the competition. The jury selected the top ten in two age categories, as well as works that, together with the winners works, will be included in two interactive books in Russian and Chinese "My idea of the Winter Olympics". The results of the competition are published on the project website in the "News" section



nb_2021-0845-150The poets parting gift to adults and children. An old book reader tells about the last books written and handed over to publishing houses by Mikhail Yasnov, but which were published after the poet died. A few days ago, these wonderful books - "Birthday" and "Dangerous Profession" - were presented by friends and relatives of the author on the main stage of the book festival "Red Square"


In 2021, 255 years have passed since the beginning of the work of the Suzun Mint (1766-1847)
Almost every village and city in the Novosibirsk region has its own remarkable history. The village of Suzun has an interesting and long history.
How to find out interesting facts about your native land? Very simple! It is necessary to look more often at the page of our site "Notes of a young local historian"!


Pedagogical Department of the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. Gorky announces the beginning of the annual regional action "Reading Mom - Reading Country".
Participants of the Action: children, parents, libraries
The promotion runs from July 05 to September 10, 2021


July 16 is the birthday of the Novosibirsk writer, storyteller, artist, artist Yuri Magalif (1918 - 2001). We invite you to visit the section of the site "Novosibirsk writers", where you will get acquainted with his multifaceted work

Waiting for you: an online library of books, audio recordings and documentaries, a video collection "From the Poetic Heritage", a gallery of artworks and much more ...


Flowers are mentioned in many poems, tales and novels. And in some, they are even the main characters. The new illustrated online quiz about colors in literary works is an opportunity to test your knowledge in this field! We wish you every success!

Online quiz "Flowers and Literature"


Master about the Master. Dedicated to the anniversary of Rembrandt
They were both painters, thinkers and poets. And they were born friend after friend in mid-July. True, in different centuries. And in different countries. The younger respected the elder, admired his brush and dedicated poetry to him ...
We invite you to watch a video clip in which Yuri Magalif talks about the great painter Harmenszoon van Rijn Rembrandt, and you, listening to the music of the verse and reflecting on what you heard, see his best canvases. So watch and listen...


On July 12, Ulf Stark (1944 - 2017) was born - one of the worlds most famous authors of childrens literature. An excellent knowledge of child psychology, combined with an amazing straightforward presentation, original plots make his books understandable and close to readers of all countries. Read on our website about the writer and his books:
- Foreign Writers: Ulf Stark
- Ulf Starks freaks and bores
- Books of Scandinavian writers


The call for applications for the drawing competition "My Family - My Wealth" has ended.
It was a pleasant surprise for the organizers that the competition was attended by children from different parts of our country: Krasnodar Territory, Saratov, Novosibirsk and Rostov regions, from Ukraine. More than 400 works were sent to the competition



On July 8, the Russian Federation celebrates the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity. On this day, a street action "Under the Family Umbrella" was held on the porch of the library


We again invite all lovers and experts in the science of "Geography" to check and refresh their knowledge. If you can manage to answer most of the questions of the new online quizzes correctly, you can consider yourself a real connoisseur!

- Unique Crimea

- Siberia: a harsh land, a beautiful land!




Summer is a time of travel and new experiences! We are starting to publish online quizzes that will help you, dear readers, choose an interesting travel route!
The quiz "The Golden Ring of Russia" will remind you of the unique monuments of history and culture of our country, of interesting and significant historical events


In the foyer of the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named after A. M. Gorky opened two exhibitions of childrens art: "And from my window ..." and "Creativity of I. A. Krylov"
The exhibition presents the works of the participants of the III International Drawing Competition, held within the framework of the international project “Meet to Make the World Friends”. It was attended by students of the School "Creativity" (Novosibirsk) and students of the School of Creative Drawing "Artaleartschool" (Spain)


am-150The old book reader presents the work of the remarkable Soviet writer of the sixties Vladimir Amlinsky and tells about all his major books - from the story "Clouds have risen over the city" to the novel "Neskuchny Sad", which were included in a two-volume collection of selected works and in the last lifetime collection, including a novel about young artists of the 60s "Craft" and the story of his father, a prominent biologist, "Every hour will be justified ..."



On the site of the Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky, within the framework of the project "Library + Theater", the play "Groshik" of the theater-studio "MaskRad" under the direction of L. Tverdyakov took place

Everyone who attended the event felt like an active participant in what was happening!




2021 Year of Science and Technology. What do you know about the animal world?
Zoology is a science with ancient roots and an interesting rich history. For the first time in the 4th century BC. this science became known from the books of the great scientist Aristotle.
Animals are a wonderful world with their own rules and laws. It is interesting to study it, and if you love doing it, you will learn a lot of new, entertaining and instructive! We invite you, dear readers, to test your knowledge by answering the questions of the online quiz "Interesting facts from the life of animals"



Dear children! Looking for a Golden Library Reader Ticket? Then we invite you to participate in the "First Class Reader" challenge. Having fulfilled all the conditions of the challenge, you will have the opportunity to attend the big book festival in September and get a unique library card




Dear friends! The Oriental Biblioexpress summer reading program starts

Boys and girls! Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A.Gorky invites you to take part in the summer reading program "Oriental Biblioexpress", which will be held from June 8 to October 1, 2021. Read! Learn new things! Relax with a book!


2021 Year of Science and Technology
We invite all readers who are interested in answers to unusual questions about the Earth, all nature lovers to the new book exhibition "Popular Encyclopedias of Modern Knowledge".

For the first time on our website, you will see and leaf through books in full-screen format and without ads! And also watch educational films! Enjoyable and useful viewing!


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