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Childrens public associations of the region met with the Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child in the Novosibirsk Region and discussed topics of concern teenagers: observance of the rights of minors, the possibility of employment in the summer, ways of manifesting citizenship and final exams



Director of the Regional Childrens Library O. Kostina and Deputy Director M. Kostin on the air of the program "In the know of the day" told about the main projects of the library, summer lessons, lectures, excursions, as well as about non-stationary library points in the region and cooperation with creative sites
Live broadcast "Vesti Novosibirsk"



May 29 in the Regional Childrens Library named A. Gorky will host an educational game program "Alisas Birthday". Our dear readers! Have a fabulous weekend with your kids in the library! Waiting for you: an interactive sandbox, quests with heroes of fairy tales, games, contests, surprises.
The event is held within the framework of the program "Saturdays without care" for children from 3 to 10 years old! Pre-registration by phone: 224-48-22



Acceptance of works for the International Literary Competition dedicated to the Winter Olympics continues. Children are invited to write an essay or a poem on the theme "My idea of the Winter Olympics".
The start of the competition was announced on April 23, and the organizing committee has already received dozens of works from different parts of Russia


Today in the Regional Childrens Library named A. Gorky hosted an educational quest "Spasaykin and the team" for students of grade 7 on the topic of civil defense and actions in emergency situations


May 24 - Day of Slavic Literature and Culture
May 27 - All-Russian Day of Libraries

Thematic educational online program 24/7:

- Excursion "Museums of the book"
- Video lecture "Old Russian book: a manuscript cultural monument"
- Library lesson "The Great Mission of Cyril and Methodius"
- Conversation "Book - Reader - Library"
- Journey "Library of Alexandria"
- Multimedia essay "Imperial Librarian Ivan Krylov"
- Conversation "Book and Libraries during the Great Patriotic War"



Members of the Childrens Public Council under the Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child in the region organized a quest for schoolchildren in historical places "My Novosibirsk"



On the eve of the main state exam, the library held a series of trainings for 9th grade students under the general title "How to calm down before the exam"


The regional handwritten letter competition is over. The organizing committee of the competition received 107 works from 19 districts of the Novosibirsk region and the city of Novosibirsk



May 27 at the Regional Childrens Library named A.M. Gorky - Open Doors Day. We invite you to take part in the information and educational program "Assorted Books" for students in grades 1-4

For organized groups, registration by phone. 8 (383) 224 95 70




May 26 at the Regional Childrens Library name A.M. Gorky will host an educational quest "Spasaykin and the team" for students in grades 6-8 on the topic of civil defense and actions in emergency situations.
To teach children how to introduce themselves correctly in emergency situations in order to protect themselves and their loved ones from danger - this is the task of library specialists and the team of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Novosibirsk region. For organized groups, registration by phone. 8 (383) 224 95 70



In the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library, an exhibition of reproductions of graphics by the Novosibirsk front-line artist Serafim Kobelev is open until May 28. The exhibition includes 30 watercolors and graphic works

At the exhibition you will see the artists works and get acquainted with the facts of his unusual biography



Dear friends! In the foyer of the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky opened an exhibition "From a clay tablet to a printed page" dedicated to the Day of Slavic Written Language and Culture


On May 15, the international action Museum Night will take place, timed to coincide with the International Museum Day. We invite you to a virtual tour of the Spasskoye-Lutovinovo estate-museum of Ivan Turgenev, the exposition is open for you, dear readers, 24/7!




On May 11, within the framework of a new project of the Public Council of Children and Adolescents on Cultural Issues, a stream "Propaganda and Information Wars in the Modern World, or How to Avoid Being a Victim of Consciousness Manipulation?"


Employees of the Department of Local History and Bibliography invite you to the new online exhibition "Science: an unexpected perspective. Scientists Draw", which presents the artistic work of famous scientists from Russia and the world. Facts about their fates and scientific discoveries are supplemented by animated picture galleries and videos, one of which will surely surprise visitors to the exhibition: this is a new development of the scientists of the Center for Artificial Intelligence "Paintings and Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, Revived by Neural Networks"


Dedicated to the great victory...
Yulian Semenovs creativity today. We present the reprint of three novels from the cycle about the adventures of the Soviet intelligence agent Max von Stirlitz (Maxim Isaev): "Major Whirlwind", "Seventeen Moments of Spring" and "Ordered to Survive"




On the initiative of the Commissioner for the Rights of the Child in the Novosibirsk Region with the support of the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design and Arts named A.Kryachkov The Regional drawing competition "My family, my Siberia"



We invite you to take part in the stream on the topic "Propaganda and information wars in the modern world or how not to become a victim of manipulation of consciousness?" The expert at the event will be Evgeny Rudensky, Doctor of Sociology, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences


Dedicated to the Great Victory ...

An old book reader talks about the military work of the writer Konstantin Vorobyov and his stories "This is us, Lord!" about the courage and self-sacrifice of Soviet guys who left school for the front, from where almost none of them returned

Materials dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945


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