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Profession - banker
November 25 in the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky had a meeting with the President of the bank "Levoberezhny", candidate of economic sciences Nadezhda  Ivashchenko 


The festival is over. And the impressions will stay with us!
Within the framework of the All-Russian literary festival "White Spot" bright, memorable meetings between readers and writers-guests of the festival were held
Read the details, see photo reports on our website


Online School of Versification
Russian poems, the rules for their composition were formed in the long process of combining the foundations of folk songs and foreign literature ...

We invite you to the fourth lesson "About songs and fables, or What is a genre?"


2021 Year of Science and Technology
Today Russia celebrates the Day of the Walrus - the largest pinnipeds living in the northern hemisphere of the planet Earth. The holiday was established in 2008 at the initiative of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Council for Marine Mammals. Conservationists decided in this way to draw attention to the problems of Pacific walruses, leading to a decrease in their numbers.
We offer you to answer the questions of the online quiz "Walruses: Arctic amphibians"




85 years ago, the first edition of the book by Alexei Nikolaevich Tolstoy about the adventures of Buratino, one of the most famous and beloved characters in Russian childrens literature, was published.
This book contains everything that is so interesting to the reader: exciting adventures, terrible villains, funny heroes, good friends and a big secret hidden at the bottom of the pond...

Read more about the book on our website


The Novosibirsk State Archives invites the participants of the VII Open Local History Readings in memory of I. Tsyplakov and their leaders for consultations and training sessions



Today marks 220 years since the birth of Vladimir Dal
For 53 years, he collected more than 200 thousand words in his dictionary, served as a naval officer, wrote books, worked as a doctor, and is known for his research in the field of zoology...

Read more about the life of V. Dal on our website


From November 21 to December 20, 2021, entries are accepted for the second (regional) stage of the "Discovery of Novosibirsk Land" competition



What is an ex-libris? In which country and when did the first book mark appear? Modern bookplates. What are they? These and other questions were answered by high school students and students of the art studio, who took part in the "Journey to the world of ex-libris" event and a master class on making a book sign dedicated to the Year of Science and Technology, which were held by employees of the automation department


The All-Russian Literary Festival "White Spot" is returning to us in the usual format. Meetings with the best contemporary authors will be held on November 20-21, 2021 at different venues

Childrens program of the festival


On November 19, 1711, Mikhail Lomonosov, a great Russian scientist, chemist, physicist, artist, historian, poet and writer, was born. His talent and brilliant mind enriched many branches of knowledge with the most important discoveries, he laid the foundations of a new literary language and versification...


From November 25 to December 30, 2021, at the initiative of the members of the Childrens Public Council, a survey of minors in the Novosibirsk region (aged 12 to 18 inclusive) on the topic of safety is being conducted


Regional Childrens Library named A. Gorky invites schoolchildren 10 - 16 years old to take part in the All-Russian Olympiad "Symbols of Russia. Space achievements"



Registration is open for November!
Dear parents, hurry up to register your children for the events of the informative interactive program "Weekend without a care", which will take place in November!



""Weather" in the house: topical issues of relationships within the family"
December 2 at 15:00 in the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. Gorky, a discussion of the topic of relations within the family will take place, timed to coincide with the All-Russian Day of helping children


The Novosibirsk Zoo is a favorite place for Novosibirsk residents and a significant attraction for city guests. Spacious animal enclosures, a variety of animal species and walkways - all attract the attention of visitors. However, this was not always the case. Exhibition “People and Animals. Pages of the history of the Novosibirsk Zoo" will acquaint visitors with interesting historical facts from the history of the creation and development of the zoo


The results of the regional competition for the best literary and local history edition of the library have been summed up
Libraries working with children, teenagers and organizers of childrens reading from Barabinsky, Kochkovsky, Krasnozersky, Ordynsky, Northern, Tatarsky, Chulymsky districts, the cities of Novosibirsk and Ob became the participants of the competition



str-05-150On the eve of a face-to-face meeting with the beloved writer of kids and adults Anastasia Strokina, an old book reader invites his young and adult friends to talk about her lyrical, philosophical, magical and truthful tales "The whale floats to the north", "Owl wolf" and "Pocket dwarf bead"



The young ethnographer is in a hurry to share the continuation of the story about the bridges of Novosibirsk. What was the first bridge across the Ob that was accessible to townspeople and road transport? And what makes our city bridges unique?

We invite you to read and watch!




We invite you to the event "Journey to the world of ex-libris" dedicated to the Year of Science and Technology. You will learn what an "exlibris" is, get acquainted with the history of the creation of the first Russian book sign and modern exlibris

Pre-registration is required by phone: 224-95-70

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