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Notes of a young local historian

Read about the history of book culture and reading, the opening of the first bookstore and printing house in Novonikolaevsk in the article "Entrepreneur from culture" in the section of the site "Notes of a young local historian"


On January 26, the results of the International Creative Project "My World" will be summed up. Within the framework of the event, an exhibition will be opened and a collection of the best literary and artistic works of children and adolescents, project participants from Russia and China will be presented


The second disappeared Novosibirsk

The old bookman continues stories about the books of the Novosibirsk publishing house "Svinin and Sons" and introduces his young and adult friends to the second book of the Pentateuch by Igor Maranin and Konstantin Oseev "Novosibirsk: Five Disappeared Cities". It is called "City of the Red Sun" and tells about how our city was dreamed of, how it was planned and how it was in reality in the twenties and thirties of the last century


Anniversary Writers 2022

January 18, Alan Alexander Milne (1882-1956) was born - a prose writer, poet and playwright, a classic of literature of the twentieth century. Since childhood, he dreamed of becoming a writer, devoted many years to working in the editorial office of the English humor magazine Punch, wrote stories, poems, novels, which were quite popular. But he became famous all over the world thanks to the tales of the bear Winnie the Pooh


Profession - public servant

Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky on January 19 at 15:00 a meeting "Profession - Civil Servant" will be held.
At the meeting, you will find out what kind of education you need to get in order to get a job in the civil service, what prospects it provides, what qualities a civil servant should have...


Creative breakthrough

On January 14 at 9:00 am Mikhail Kostin, Deputy Director of the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A.M. Gorky, curator of the Public Council of сhildren and teenagers on Issues in the Sphere of Culture, NSO


Novosibirsk is fascinating

The old bookkeeper talks about the local history books of the Novosibirsk publishing house "Svinin and Sons". Todays review is devoted to a mosaic portrait of our city "555 interesting facts about Novosibirsk", brilliantly made by journalist and blogger Alexander Matveyev, as well as a small reference book "Dictionary of regional vocabulary and folk toponyms of the city of Novosibirsk", compiled by Alexander Matveyev and linguist Irina Livinskaya


We invite you on a trip around the world

On January 8, 1861, the first issue of the magazine "Vokrug Sveta" was published, one of the first educational magazines in the world. For more than 160 years, the journal has been studying the world around us, adapting to changes and new phenomena, is a leader in the field of domestic cognitive journalism, a source of valuable information about advanced discoveries in the field of science and education.
All the latest issues of the magazine are waiting for you in our library!

Flip through the magazine


On January 3, 1892, John Ronald Ruel Tolkien was born - one of the most popular foreign writers of the 20th century, the founder of modern fantasy and the author of the legendary saga about Middle-earth, professor at Oxford University, an outstanding linguist


On January 2, 1920, Isaac Asimov was born in the Smolensk region - one of the most famous science fiction writers, popularizer of science, author of almost five hundred books - both fiction and popular science

Read on our website




Straight talk about important things

In the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky held a discussion "Fundamentals of information security when working with "smart devices"


Book novelties on art

Soon - big New Year holidays, vacations. You will have time to pick up a book, read or, with the help of book master classes, do something beautiful and original with your own hands. And while there is still time to go to the library for them. Hurry up! Take your pick!

New books in the department of aesthetic development


The main street of Novosibirsk

The Department of Local Lore and Bibliography presents a new edition for teenagers and youth "From the history of Krasniy Prospekt", prepared on the basis of periodicals, as well as books of local history and encyclopedic character from the funds of the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named after A. M. Gorky. Particular attention is paid to the historical and architectural monuments of the city of Novosibirsk


Notes of a young local historian

We invite you to a new virtual trip around the Novosibirsk region "Kainsk: from the fortress to the city. Center of the merchants"

Kainsk at the beginning of the 20th century was mentioned in the geographical indicators of the Russian Empire, and Kainsk merchants and industrialists played an important role in the life of the city and its development ...


Remember your childhood more often

Eduard Uspensky was born on December 22 

The Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka invented by him, the cat Matroskin and Uncle Fyodor, the Warranty Men and the Plasticine Crow are our favorite book heroes with whom we have not parted since childhood




We read to children. One Actor Theater: RESULTS

It is very difficult to sum up the results when many works are claiming prizes. But a competition is a competition, and there are winners in it. When choosing the best works, the determining factor was the presence during the reading of the book, with the help of which the participant attracted and retained the interest of the audience...


Harry Potter and wonders at Hogwarts

December 29 at 16:00 in the library named A.M. Gorky will host a New Year quiz "Harry Potter and Miracles at Hogwarts"


The old book reader talks about the new books by Anastasia Strokina "Derzhioblako" and "The Ninth Life of Nelson the Cat", as well as about her translation of the famous "Thumbelina" by G. H. Andersen and about the history of the existence of this tale in Russian culture


Virtual book exhibition

Three library cats are racing to read winter books: new and old fairy tales, entertaining stories, funny tales and, of course, stories about the main hero of the holiday - Santa Claus, about his magic deer, scooter sleighs and about that amazing sack in which New Years presents...

Join the fun reading!


New books

The eve of the New Year is the time when you want to believe in a miracle, dream good things and prepare gifts. New books will help you with pleasant worries and give you interesting ideas. Detailed instructions, a large number of photographs and life-size patterns will make the process of your creation surprisingly easy, and the time spent at work will become unusually warm and joyful. Create, make wishes and give a fairy tale!

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