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Hour of local history

As part of the Year of the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia in the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky, an hour of local history “Horde painting” took place, during which children created their own unique drawings...


Great Patriotic War... Book series

Fedor Abramov, Alexander Zinoviev, Igor Bestuzhev-Lada and Arkady Perventsev in their diaries and memoirs talk about the great tragedy and the immortal feat of the Soviet people on the eve, during the Great Patriotic War and in the difficult post-war years


Meeting with veterans of military service «Memory of the heart»

Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A.M. Gorky, a meeting "Memory of the Heart" was held in support of the all-Russian action "We do not abandon our own!". The event was attended by veterans of military service, who spoke about the exploits of the defenders of the Motherland


Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky, an event from the series “Choosing the Future Together”, dedicated to the profession of a submariner, was held


Dear contest participants!

Please note that the registration link has changed!
Registration is carried out at the link  We invite you to participate!


Regional competition «I dream to be ...»: results

The regional competition "I dream to be ..." has ended. It was held by the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky as part of the annual cycle of career guidance events “Choosing the Future Together” in order to increase the level of competence of adolescents in the field of personal and professional self-determination


Preparation of local history editions of libraries for children, adolescents and leaders of childrens reading

Dear colleagues! We invite you to take part in the regional online seminar "Preparation of local history publications of libraries for children, adolescents and leaders of childrens reading". The purpose of the event is to familiarize library staff with the best practices in this area and opportunities to improve the quality of local history publications


Learning by playing

Online quizzes are an exciting and convenient pastime! They broaden their horizons, develop cognitive interests and ingenuity, help children learn a lot of new things in a playful way, and help adults remember what they have known for a long time! We invite you to answer the questions of online quizzes on our website:
- Thematic quizzes 10+
- Virtual games, quizzes and crossword puzzles 0+


Dear readers!
The preschool and elementary school service department offers colorful, playful and educational, educational and educational magazines for dreamers and know-it-alls, groovy fidgets and quiet couch potatoes, future astronauts, as well as their parents! For everyone who likes to spend time with benefit and interest! We are waiting for you in the library!


«Discoveries of the Novosibirsk Land»: results

More than two thousand schoolchildren aged 8 to 15 took part in the Regional Literary and Local Lore Competition "Discoveries of the Novosibirsk Land": they wrote fairy tales, stories, literary essays about their native land, illustrated their works, dedicated drawings and crafts to their native places ...


Fairy-tale heroes

More than 40 schoolchildren, students of the 6th-7th grades of gymnasium 15 and school 168, became participants in a literary journey into the extraordinary world of fairy-tale heroes of the new authors fairy tale epic by the famous Siberian poet Yevgeny Martyshev "The Fairy Tale Code of Russian Heroes"


«Memory of the Heart» Meeting with military veterans

In memory of those who stood in defense of the Motherland at the cost of their own lives, on April 23 at 14:00 in the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky will meet with veterans of the military service of the special unit "Maroon Berets"


Aesthetics of haiku

The Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library invites everyone to the creative meeting "Hokku Aesthetics", which will be held on April 20 at 18:30


The Great Patriotic War...
Starting conversations about the work of the classic of Russian literature, the great Siberian writer Viktor Astafyev, the old bookworm talks about the military stories "Starfall" and "The Shepherd and the Shepherd Girl" — stories of love and death, refuting and affirming the verse "Song of Songs": "Strong as death is love"


The Great Patriotic War...
This book reader presents one of the last military novels of the Soviet era, "Madonna with Ration Bread", written by the Crimean writer Maria Glushko on autobiographical material and tells about heroism in the rear, about the immortal feat of a Russian woman, called the classic of Soviet literature Fyodor Abramov a true second front



Regional competition «The Last Tsar and the First Emperor»

Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky invites schoolchildren aged 10-17 to take part in the regional competition "The Last Tsar and the First Emperor" as part of the celebration of the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I.

The competition is held from April 12 to June 30, 2022


Fairy tale collection of Russian heroes

April 20 at 12:00 we invite you to make a trip to the unique fairy-tale world of Russian heroes of the authors poetic epic by the famous Siberian poet-storyteller Evgeny Martyshev


Great Siberian river

Many interesting facts are connected with the mighty Siberian river Ob. But the most important thing is its majestic beauty, which attracts hundreds of tourists, poets and artists. Read the new article under the heading "Notes of a young local historian"


April 12 - Cosmonautics Day

On April 12, the whole world celebrates Cosmonautics Day - a memorable date dedicated to the first manned flight into space.
We offer you, dear readers:
- visit the online exhibition of books "Space: big science for little ones", look through fragments of books and watch educational cartoons,
- answer the questions of the new quiz "Space travel"




Book + Sculpture = Art

Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky opened the exhibition "Book Worlds of Fantastic Creatures", which continues a series of expositions from the series "Book + Sculpture = Art"

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