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Deputy Director of the Regional Childrens Library named A.M. Gorky took part in the radio program "Crossroads of Cultures" and spoke about the activities of the Public Council of Children and teenagers at the library







Deputy Director of the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A.M. Gorky became a member of the expert council under the Commissioner for Childrens Rights in the Novosibirsk Region





Grandfathers medals
In the conference hall of the Novosibirsk State Regional Scientific Library during the final event of the regional family and local history action "Family Memory: From War to Victory", a set of memorable interactive postcards "Grandfathers Medals" was presented


From October 1, the library begins to work as usual, no prior registration is required.
The library is open from 10:00 to 18:00, without a break. Sunday is a day off. Last Friday of the month - technical day

Look at and read on the screens of your smartphones and monitors new and old books by your favorite authors, listening to the rustle of paper pages. Now it is possible, because library Three Cats have prepared electronic versions of 254 books for readers of all ages that you can read without leaving your home!
Watch and listen to video talks, lectures and book trailers about the best works of literature and cinema on the library video channel


Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky took part in the ceremony of awarding the winners and prize-winners of the regional stage of the All-Russian essay competition "No statute of limitations"




Vadim Odiyanko, chief librarian of the department of cultural programs and project activities, will take part in the work of the youth forum "Tavrida-2020"



The Department of Local Lore and Bibliography continues to digitize books and journals of the valuable library fund
We invite you to visit the updated section of the site "Resources - Digital Collection of Books": the book "Legends and Tales of Western Siberia" and seven issues of the "Siberian Childrens Magazine" for 1928 have been posted



nb_20-924War and peace of the Soviet people in the mirrors of memories
An old bookseller under the heading "The Great Patriotic ..." tells about the series of memoirs "My War" and presents memories of war and peace by Dmitry Likhachev, Fyodor Grachev, Roman Karmen, Yuri Nagibin and Yuri Lyubimov




As part of the festival of streams and concerts in the courtyards "Tavrida near" the chief librarian of the department of cultural programs and project activities of the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library Vadim Odiyanko held a master class on the topic "Fashionable Sentence: New Cover for an Old Book"





Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A.M. Gorky, within the framework of the Year of Memory and Glory, launched a virtual relay-race for children and teenagers "Their feat is alive and forever!"




On September 15, the Ministry of Culture of the Novosibirsk Region hosted a round table "The Right to Childhood". The event was held at the initiative of the Public Council of Children and Teenagers at the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A. M. Gorky



September 15 - October 15 International Month of Nature Conservation
We offer you materials about nature, rare and endangered plants and animals of the Novosibirsk region:
Interactive poster "Nature of the Novosibirsk Region": climate, rivers and lakes, plants and animals from the Red Book, flora, fauna, 3D-tour "Museum of Nature", popular essays, articles
Presentation "Natural Monuments of the Novosibirsk Region"



Anniversary artists 2020
Alexander Azemsha, a St. Petersburg graphic artist and illustrator, has designed more than 100 editions in his life; several generations of children have grown up on books with his illustrations. His works are not just illustrations, but witty, entertaining, detailed and varied paintings that not only skillfully and accurately convey the content, but also supplement it with their own story with vivid and characteristic characters
Read more about the artist-s work in the article "The Art of Bringing People Joy"




nb_20-923About mice and musicians

The old bookkeeper introduces his friends to the new book by Nina Dashevskaya "Theo - theatrical captain", which tells about theatrical mice and musical instruments, about friendship, dreams and the sea


In the Novosibirsk Regional Childrens Library named A.M. Gorky hosted an online working meeting of the Childrens Libraries Section of the Novosibirsk Library Society
The meeting was dedicated to the discussion of the Sections work plan for 2020-2021, the solution of organizational issues and the establishment of partnerships with the publishing house "Childrens Literature"


Regional Childrens Library named A.M. Gorky announces the start of the Interregional Creative Project "Investigative Journalism: Time Travel" for children and adolescents 10-13 years old




Autumn has come. Early, golden, rustling leaves that have begun to fall ... Library Three cats love this time of year very much, so they have prepared for you, dear readers, a new exhibition of books about autumn and autumn fabulous adventures





The Public Council of Children and teenagers took part in the all-Russian sociocultural action "Running Book". The guys combined sports and literature: they ran through the iconic places of the city, asked passers-by questions and presented gifts for correct answers

Photo report



On September 1, 2020, Vladislav Krapivin, the oldest and most beloved childrens writer, passed away. Gone - but continues in our, reading, life, for those who have read at least one, any, Krapivin book, one way or another remembers his brave boys always

Read the article "In Memory of the Commander"



pesni-lapA book about cat music and cat wisdom
Old bookkeeper presents a wonderful new book of original and translated poems by Mikhail Yasnov "Songs of Cats Paws", illustrated by Elena Potyakina and published in 2020 by the St. Petersburg publishing house "House of Childrens Books"


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